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Rolling Thunder Chapter 3 NY - "Salute the Veterans Ride"

6-9-2013 - SCRC 481 attended the Salute the Veterans ride out of Stewart Airport Hanger. Over 600 motorcycle showed up for the event making it the biggest turnout they have ever had!
The sun was out and it turned out to be a great day.





                              Delmont, His son, and Wolf                                                                                                      Don, Barbara, and Jim


                                     Joe & Jeannie trying out a Gold Wing                                                                                   Randy & Jim


                                          Greg & Don






                  Milt Walker from CMA joined us for the ride!




                              Arrived at Stewart to a sea of bikes!                                                                    Joe, Jeannie & Karen




                                      Jim & Greg                                                                                             Over 600 bikes turned out!




                                    Orange County Wall                                                          Scott Lynch, a friends son who died in Afghanistan.


                             Looking out from the hanger.                                                                                            


                    NY Chapter 3 always puts on a great event!


                                                                                                                             Collins's & Sahler's with Mrs. Allen, Lt, Allen's Mother.



                Randy on the move, before his battery died!                                    Rolling down the highway!


600+ bikes do a U-Turn!                                                                          Donna & John cruising


          Jim & Barbara going through West Point                                                                                    Bill & Karen


          Barbara, Jim and Joe leaving West Point                                                          Joe looking good.


  Arrived at Highland Falls, Just found out Randy Broke down at the US Mint.


                          600+ motorcycles fill the streets


                   Wreath lying ceremony at the Veterans Memorial.


Air National Guard had plenty of aircraft on hand to climb through.



                                                                                                                             Jeannie waiting for the stewardess to deliver coffee!






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